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Daz Studio: How do I export a model?
« on: January 29, 2013, 10:56:04 am »
January 29, 2013, 10:56:04 am
(ADMIN: Chris' post has now been been locked and made sticky, as it may benefit other users. However, please note that Lumion does not officially support Daz Studio)

If you have been looking for a easy way to get your Daz model creations into Lumion and don't have any other software or are lazy and can't be bothered to export into a million formats then read on!

[1] First create your character with no lights, camera or anything other than the character. Make sure it's centred too so it doesn't disappear in Lumion. Pose your character the way you like.

[2] Go to Export and select OBJ. Name the file and put it somewhere you can find.

[3] Copy the export options as seen in the attached screenshot. Make sure to select Bryce maps option.

[4] Go to the folder you saved the model in and open the MTL file in notepad and find and replace /Maps/ with nothing. Do the same for /convertedMaps/. Save the file.

[5] Go back to the folder where the model is saved. Grab the OBJ and MTL file and chuck it inside the Maps folder. Grab any textures inside the Converted folder too and throw these inside the Maps folder.

[6] Open up Lumion and create a new scene. Go to import and go to the Maps folder of your model and select OBJ from the drop down menu.

[7] Wait about a minute while it imports. There it is! A fully textured Daz model!

[8] But wait... the eyes are all exorcist looking. Click on edit materials. Add a new material. Click on the whites of the eyes and set that to colour white. Click on the middle of the eyes and set that to Invisible... Which just makes the eye come back with texture of the iris etc. Then for the eyelashes you can set this to water and that does the job.

And that's it! Hopefully this will work for you. I've repeated the steps on a few characters and they are all in.

Hope this helps someone!