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AutoCAD: How do I export a model?
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November 30, 2010, 12:09:05 am
AutoCAD: How do I export a model to Lumion?

Since Lumion 6, DWG files importer is separate extension. When you install it you will be able to import DWG files directly into Lumion.
Thanks to the integration of Autodesk RealDWG technology, Lumion can import DWG and DXF files without problems.

Download DWG To Lumion Bridge extension here:

Alternative: FBX format

If DWG/DXF does not work for some reason, you can export an FBX file which can be imported into Lumion via AutoCAD's built-in FBX exporter - just bear in mind that materials are not transferred correctly in this format:

Exporter options:

Select the Copy textures to single location option.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can't see my model after importing and placing it in my scene?
A) Place your model at 0,0,0 using the World Coordinate System in AutoCAD.
    1. Change to World Coordinate System in AutoCAD:
         - Command prompt: ucs (press Enter)
         - Command prompt: w (press Enter)

    2. Move all objects to 0,0,0 in AutoCAD

    3. Save the DWG file (under a new name) in AutoCAD

    4. Import or Re-import the DWG file in Lumion

B) Check the scale of your model.

I can't assign a Lumion material to individual surfaces?
Lumion will always combine surfaces that use the same material in AutoCAD. If you want to assign a Lumion material to a specific surface, you must assign a unique material to that surface in AutoCAD before exporting the model.

Why don't my models look as round in Lumion as they do in AutoCAD?
Please convert your models from solids to meshes via the MeshSmooth command in AutoCAD before importing the models in Lumion.

How are materials exported from AutoCAD?
If you have not assigned an AutoCAD material to a part of your model and it's using 'ByLayer' (see the screenshot below), all parts of the model that use the same 'ByLayer' colour will be imported as a single entity in Lumion. The material name of the imported entity in Lumion will be based on the Layer name.

If you want to assign a Lumion material to a specific part of the DWG model, you need to assign a unique material to the part of the model in AutoCAD.

Re: AutoCAD: How do I export a model?
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If you use the Intergraph CadWorx plug-in to AutoCAD you can export your plant design and piping by using CWXPLODE.

CadWorx models only exist as procedural data, not as 3D solids in AutoCAD.

For that reason, you need to run the CWXPLODE command prior to saving the DWG file. Needless to say, you will be unable to edit the "exploded" CadWorx objects after running this command, so make sure you do not overwrite any of your original DWG files:

Quote from the CadWorx documentation:

CWXPLODE: As a user you are able to turn the CADWorx components in a drawing into AutoCAD 3D solids with xdata included. This enhancement allows for CADWorx components to be used as regular AutoCAD components.