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Title: cutting planes!
Post by: rachao on May 24, 2013, 04:23:40 pm
Hello good afternoon,
Is it possible to make a film like this in Lumion 3d, with these cutting planes?
Thank you!

Winterhuder Wohnkultur on Vimeo (
Title: Re: cutting planes!
Post by: peterm on May 26, 2013, 03:16:06 am
If you are after just a single (cut) clipping of all objects, then no problem for Lumion, easy and fast.  Animate the Clip Plane with Move.

For more complex scene as in video sample; it "may" be possible  ;).  Whether the same level of look and quality can be achieved will depend on available time etc, as it will involve external tools to do compositing.

Lumion Clipping Planes clip all objects (except plants) in the scene.  It is not possible to have it clip an area for individual objects as is done in the video.

However, (and no guarantee it might work as not able to test this option), if each building was rendered with a Clipping Plane using Hide Layer in separate clips and then composited for each clip together to produce the final clip, then that may work.

See attached test video here, not perfect and have some transparency parts to work on, but may give enough of idea.  Have also attached LS3 file so you can look at source clips needed.

Part of the task is to render out a static image using the lighting and materialID maps.  From those the houses that are static after their clipping animation can be editing in PS to get a transparent house image then composited in the video editor with each of the other clips.

Also, for a bit more detail on process see Clip Plane in Action (

Note: Lumion does not generate closed/filled holes of the mesh as you see in this video, re the gap between outer and inner walls.

I might suggest for lots of objects that perhaps just using a Move up will look good and is much more easily and rapidly achievable.