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Title: Construction Animation New user
Post by: mitviz on June 04, 2015, 04:14:19 pm
Hi guys, i never used lumion before nor have i ever tried it but we are looking at possibilities for our company at purchasing something like this for animations but issue is i don't see how i can do construction animations at high quality using lumion. are there any videos? How does the workflow go for doing construction animations? do i have to do it in lets say a package such as 3ds max and then import it into Lumion? all these questions are puzzling to me.
Title: Re: Construction Animation New user
Post by: Morten on June 04, 2015, 04:32:14 pm
Hi mitviz, welcome to the forum :)

If the animations that you require are quite complex I would recommend that you create your animations in 3DS Max and import them via the FBX format (move/rotate/scale animations are imported).

That being said, Lumion does include some animation effects that may come in handy when working on simpler construction sequence videos.

There are (at least) four animation effects in Lumion which can help you in this endeavour:
In addition, there's a Clipping Plane for progressively showing/hiding an object. It's easy to use. Just add the plane to the scene, then use the Move effect or Advanced Move effect to animate it.

If you've already got a PC that meets the system requirements (, I would highly recommend that you download the Demo version ( (Small download but limited functionality and model library) or the 7-day trial version (Large download but no limitations apart from the 7 days). You can get the latter by contacting your local reseller on this page (

Once you've installed it, try to import one of your animations and experiment with the effects above, so you can see for yourself which approach you prefer.
Title: Re: Construction Animation New user
Post by: peterm on June 05, 2015, 01:14:45 am
Hi mitviz

If you do a Search on 'construction' you will see what some of our members have done and contributed to our Gallery.

Here's some I found:
1. Biocontainment Construction Animation (
2. Technical assistance in preconstruction (GERIATRIC) (
3. Construction Animation (
4. Construction sequence animation (

Sam Lytle, one of our members is involved in engineering and construction visualization, and runs the CivilFX ( site, that may also be of interest