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Title: Issue with reflections in windows
Post by: thomas_k on April 29, 2015, 08:35:12 am
Hello there,

I am a student at the "HTL für Bau und Design" (a "technical" high school in austria) and we are currently working on a project which we will present tomorrow.

Everything was finished with the lumion video but when we first saw the finished movie we noticed a huge issue. In almost every window there are some impossible reflections. (when coming closer to it at least) In some are even reflections of the "whole building" but the window is a part of the building so thats impossible. Here comes a screenshot of a part of a issue (

I hope this can be fixed since this video is the highlight of our presentation and we are glad that we can use such a great program to visualize our project.

greetings thomas
Title: Re: Issue with reflections in windows
Post by: peterm on April 29, 2015, 10:38:24 am
Hi Thomas

1. Are you using the Reflection Effect to add Planar reflections to the windows?

2. If not, are you using the Reflection Control and placing it at a position, or animating it in the movie clips?

3. It's possible you have a Reflection Control (sphere) that is located above or near the building.  In a scene the Reflection Control looks like pic 1 attached.  If you can see it, or using selection tools select it, then it has been added manually to the scene.  Remove it and test your render again, 2 Star for part of a clip will be enough to test.

Refer to topic: HOW TO WORK WITH REFLECTIONSLUMION 5: Quickstart Guide (