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Title: FBX or colladae exporter for 3dsmax
Post by: Jos Franken BV on April 20, 2013, 04:59:28 pm
Hi there,

Does anybody know if there is a FBX or colladae exporter for 3dsmax design 14 which can export people flows with textures and animation for importing in Lumion.

Jos Franken
Title: Re: FBX or colladae exporter for 3dsmax
Post by: peterm on April 23, 2013, 09:58:31 am
Hi Jos

I have only had chance to take a quick look to understand a little about people flows by reading the autodesk whitepaper.

Even though its an Autodesk tool, I suppose there is no requirement that the FBX exporter will export that specific asset, and the paths and timings etc for other 3D modelling applications to use, especially as there are complex crowd based motion control involved.

Have you tried exporting with FBX at all or just enquiring about it?  Perhaps as a plug-in it is only intended for use to render within Max?

Apart from what any exporter would do, its also more of a question of whether Lumion could import the file or understand what the data exported represented.  Also, Lumion does not currently support skinned objects, so only Stick or Segmented characters would be suitable to export.

If the characters are exported as static meshes (not skinned animations) and the animation is simple transforms (position, rotation and scale) then the paths they take (if baked) would be the same type of animation Lumion could possibly understand.  However, that does not say Lumion could import, as again it depends on both what any exporter is outputting as well as whether the current FBX importer (again/as above) can interpret the exported data without need for updating it.

Sorry but don't have any more information at present.  I'll ask our resident Import/Export guru.