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Title: Workflow Sloped Elevation/Site
Post by: maustin on March 11, 2015, 08:25:39 pm
Hi All,

I am currently using Infrawork for exporting out the site and surrounding environment, but is not limited to Infraworks. When ever you import a model in to Lumion the default ground is perfectly flat. However, majority of our project have elevations that match real world conditions (high and low points). When we import site conditions and try an match it to the current ground in Lumion some portion is always below below or above Lumion ground. I want to be able to use the grass feature in majority of the open areas to make it look better. I tend to spend ALOT of time adjusting Lumion ground to try an match those grassy areas. I not sure/wish there is a feature that will allow you to select your site and then lumion would match the same profile as your imported site conditions. Does any one have any suggested work flow or tips? Is there a way to apply grass to a surface? I am still learning the software.
Title: Re: Workflow Sloped Elevation/Site
Post by: peterm on March 11, 2015, 10:42:04 pm
Hi maustin, as requested by Morten in your other topic, please click here ( to request support.