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Title: Lumion 5 Crashes after a few minutes - black screen
Post by: erahav1 on December 25, 2014, 02:31:21 pm

While using Lumion 5, we receive a crash after a few minutes.
The screen becomes black, and the fan of the computer begins to work at high speeds.
This happens in edit screen as well, not only in image or movie mode.
Also, this happens while doing any type of command.
Nothing special is done in order to receive the crash.

We need to do restart in order to continue using the computer.

Our Lumion 5 is fully commercial.
License number  xxxxxx-xxxxxx-L3PL5PRO (upgrade from Lumion 3).
(EDIT: license number removed by admin)

Before installation Lumion 3 Pro was OK.
Now, we receive black screen in Lumion 3 as well...

We've tried removing and installing again - still the same.

In other software all is ok (crash happens only in Lumion 3 and 5).

Please advice.



The computer configuration is:
Nvdia Quadro 4000
Win7 64 bit

Title: Re: Lumion 5 Crashes after a few minutes - black screen
Post by: Morten on December 25, 2014, 07:45:25 pm
Hi Eyal,

We've had reports like yours in the past and they are unfortunately always caused by the hardware.

1) Please provide us with the full PC specifications (graphics card, CPU, system memory). The easiest way to get the specifications of a PC is to open Lumion and go to the benchmark section, then click on the DXDiag button, wait a little and attach the txt file to your next reply.

2) Please try to run FurMark ( for 10 minutes to see if the black screen appears again.

3) Please run the GPU/Power supply/CPU/Memory tests in OCCT ( with 'error checking' turned on.

Please enter your Lumion license number on your forum profile page in the menu above to gain access to the Commercial Users' forum. If nothing happens when your enter it, please send your license number to my colleague Arthur (arthur [at], so he can register your license manually.

Thanks in advance.