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Title: Re: Some 2014 competition questions
Post by: peterm on July 13, 2014, 02:15:22 am

Thanks for your interest in the competition.

1.Can the video be modified with 3rd party tool for color corrections, image effects and etc. ?
You should look to using the Effects in Lumion to do these sorts of things.  Only if it was not available in Lumion and essential to your video should you consider other tools.  You may be asked about how and why you created a certain look.  The competition and focus is about Lumion  ;).


2.What about music in video? Can I use royalty-free or public domain license music in video?

Yes.  You can add music files (files in WAV format, see Entire Movie).  you must have the rights to use.  note royalty-free does not mean free for use, but if you purchase a license to use in the Lumion video then you can use.  Not all music on various so called 'public domain' sites give you clear license to use, so just check beforehand.


3.Can I put external footage to be rendered in final Lumion video? (Logo, some refference photos) [added via Make video> Add footage in Lumion]

Yes.  Lumion allows other video resources to be included as part of the final video, so you are making use of Lumion features.

You might want to look at the Titles Effect or Image Overlay Effect or New Clip as Image for some other ways to include other external resources.

..we prefer if it was possible to create everything in Lumion
reply in other Competition topic from Ferry.


4.My computer is not so high-end device. Can I render scenes partially, and then combine all scenes to one video via 3rd party tool or just use Lumion video renderer to combine videos via import footage?

Yes.  It's one thing we realise may be needed.  A feature of Lumion available in the Competition Special Version is being able to render each clip, so you would then combine those in a video editor or video tool.

The main reason you might need a post program is to merge movies together.


b) Question about content:
1.Can this be totally non-realistic visualization? Like flying city, sci-fi city or underwater place like Atlantica?

That sounds OK, but keep in mind the guidelines in the Terms and Conditions
The jury will look at a combination of technical and artistic features in your video. Your video will be judged on camera placement, camera movement, quality, beauty, style, innovation and originality.

 and that the Competition focus is about architectural Visualization.


Question about content:
2.Can this be my own recreation (using 3rd party modelling software/texture tool and putting it to Lumion to render) of ACTUAL place in world? Or does it have to be my own architectural solution?

You can create your own models or use the model resources provided in the Lumion Competition Special Version. 
You can also use models from other sources such as Trimble Warehouse, so long as the model you use gives you the rights to use it in the type of media you are producing.  Note, even at Trimble Warehouse (previously Google Warehouse), some models are not provided free-of and the provider specifies the rights of use, even though they are on that site, for example may only be used in Google 3D World.


Question about content:
3.It has to be mainly architectural kind of work, or just to do the nicest looking 3D scene like some type of park environment?

See my reply in b) 1. above.