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Post by: sushilkumar on December 08, 2014, 05:20:14 am
hi there,
i have had used lumion competition version during competition period. the version is still installed in my laptop, which contains some finished & unfinished projects.

as you recently announced new lumion 5, i am wiling to buy lumion 5pro version.
the only problem i am worry about is after installing pro 5 version in my laptop by removing competition version,will it be possible for me to import those finished & unfinished projects from competition version to the pro 5 version?

if yes then how?

is it also possible to keep both the version that is competition version & pro5 version installed on my laptop?

Post by: peterm on December 08, 2014, 07:50:53 am
Hi sushilkumar

Great to hear you will continue with Lumion and become a licensed user.   :)

Yes you can use the scenes you created in the Competition version.

1.  Copy the \Library files, for the Imported Models, and,
2.  Copy the \Scenes files, for the scenes you created and want to continue using in Lumion Pro 5.
The files for the two folders are in your My\Documents\Lumion 4 folder.  Refer topic: WHERE ARE MY LUMION SCENES AND IMPORTED MODELS SAVED? and HOW DO I LOAD A LUMION 4 SCENE IN LUMION 5? in LUMION 5: Frequently asked questions (

Run Lumion Pro 5 after the copying and check that you have the scenes and models available. 

There is no need to keep the Competition version, it only uses up file space on your harddrive once you have purchased Lumion Pro 5.

Once you are happy with the transfer, you can uninstall Lumion Competition version.  It installs to a completely separate folder than Lumion Pro 5 and does not remove any user data files.

Note the need to 'reset' all materials in V5 due to the major change in the Materials system:  Release Notes:  Lumion 5 Release Notes (