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Title: GTX 980 or Titan GPU?
Post by: RiccardoPivetta on October 31, 2014, 11:38:29 pm
Hi, my name is Riccardo and I've seen your product on youtube. Since I want to build a worstation to start rendering , I wish to buy your product too. My questions are two.
1) If I buy Lumion 5, will I get a discounted prices for the Lumions to come as an old costumer?
2) I know the suggested card is GTX 980 but why? Isn't GTX Titan better with more CUDAs and more VRAM?

Thank you in advance, Riccardo.
Title: Re: GTX 980 or Titan GPU?
Post by: peterm on November 01, 2014, 12:49:38 am

Thanks for your interest in Lumion.  :)

1.  Lumion product pricing provides for an upgrade price that is generally about one third purchase price.  Upgrades are considered a change from major version to another major version.  You can see the price table and how a 'discount' for existing customer works here: Upgrade Pricing (

2.  Our suggestions are as in the following links below.  The GTX 980 is showing the best performance at the Passmark site.  The best card depends on the complexity of scenes.  Which is about the number of objects in the scene, complexity of models and quality of texturing among other factors. 

The Titan (Black) has more cores for processing yes, but is now an older chip type.  The GTX 980 seems to out-perform the Titan and Titan Black because of the new chip and enhanced algorithms.  In terms of Lumion that should translate in to faster FPS when Building a scene (Build Mode) and faster rendering times.  It is not possible to say by how much. 

In terms of VRAM, yes, the more the better for Lumion, as it allows for scenes with more texture demands or for higher resolution texturing and maps.  In some cases that can translate in to improved quality at render time.    The Titan has the maximum of the NVIDIA products by 2GB over the GTX 980.  It is possible they will produce a GTX 980 with either 6 or 8 GB VRAM, but what or when would be anyone's guess.

Titans are still about a third more in price than the GTX 980.

So a decision on which to get depends on your budget and expected scenes you are going to do with Lumion, along with other uses of the PC.  A bit of a balancing act as both have pro's for Lumion.

Some users also run their CAD with Titans rather than Quadros and seem happy with the performance and cost effectiveness of the general graphics card.

Note we do not differentiate between NVIDIA GTX and ATI Radeon. However, there are currently performance differences when you look at sites like Passmarks.

Hope that helps answer your questions.

Refer further:
1.  LUMION 4: Minimum hardware requirements (

2.  Lumion Web Site: Specifications (

3.  Passmark: Videocard Benchmarks (

Caveat:  these comments are provided only to assist forum members in considering their options for purchasing hardware to use with Lumion.  They should in no way be considered as recommendations or qualified advice.
Title: Re: GTX 980 or Titan GPU?
Post by: [email protected] on April 16, 2015, 08:59:58 pm

Just to clarifies for those who still have this doubt, a friend of mine made a test with GTX 980 vs GTX TITAN and the GTX 980 won in the render performance. He also made a video and I posted it in this topic over here.

Even if it is possible for the TITAN to have a better performance in one or two scenes, in the overall the GTX 980 wil be better, plus it is much more cheapier than the TITAN.

Title: Re: GTX 980 or Titan GPU?
Post by: peterm on April 17, 2015, 01:38:13 am
Hi [email protected]

See my replies in your topic.