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Title: Hardware Crash - Can I recover Lumion Files
Post by: peterm on October 31, 2014, 12:45:02 am
On behalf of an email enquiry:

I had a few working files saved on my desktop not exported as LS4 but simply saved from the Save option while running Lumion.

My computer crashed this week and had to replace the hardware. I was able to save the general files on my computer but I had to install Lumion again. All the scenes I had and was using were lost in the process.

My question is regarding that. Is there any way to recuperate those files or are they completely lost now. Or could I somehow extract them from the other hardware where the previous Lumion was on?
Title: Re: Hardware Crash - Can I recover Lumion Files
Post by: peterm on October 31, 2014, 01:09:41 am
Sorry to hear about the computer problems.

Recovery of Lumion files will depend on the state of the harddrive, and ability to read and access that device.

1.  Lumion saves scene and imported model files to the \My Documents\Lumion 4 folders.  Those would be on C:\ drive as User files. 
2.  Not sure what you mean by "general files" but if you were able to save data files from that harddrive, then you may also be able to recover the files in \My Documents\Lumion 4.

The first point of recovery should be from any standard Backups made of user data.  Do you have those for your PC, or as part of any corporate backup system?

It is possible sometimes to connect and access a harddrive even though it has crashed.  Some files may be readable or not corrupted, depending on the type of harddrive problem.

In most cases though, you need to see if you can recover using a data recovery tool such as Recuva ( or other utility tool your organization may use.

Those tools may be able to recover all, some partial or none of the data.  Partial recovery for a specific file may not help as Lumion will not be able read such a file or reconstruct missing data.

Lumion saves a backup copy of the Scene when you close Lumion.  It's in the same \Scenes folder, so you have potentially 2 copies of the current scene for recovery.  So, if one was damaged, there might be a slight chance the other one is OK.

Imported models are saved to the \Library folder and consist of three or four files.  No other automatic Lumion backup is made of those.

Apart from Lumion, and if it was C:\ drive, then there must have been other user data that needs recovery as well, so we hope that you will be able to recover all or as much as is possible.