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Title: Re: Update Lumion 4.5 (Viewer)
Post by: peterm on May 14, 2014, 12:46:58 pm
Just to clarify for users about the change in the Viewer using effects:

1.  the effects are only used in Explore Mode if those effects can be applied from the movie. 

2.  the effects are those from each clip (plus those in Entire Movie).  If a certain clip is played and user switches to Explore Mode, then it's the effects from that clip.

3.  if no effects are wanted to be seen in Explore Mode, then currently its possible to simply hide the effects (do not have to remove them) and export to LS4.  If core effects are in the Entire Movie as global effects, then that's even a tiny bit quicker to turn off. :) 

4.  in some cases you might want to have some clips with effects, and some without.  This adds to the flexibility to present real-time with different looks and qualities in Explore Mode, whereas before there was no option, it was as in Build Mode view only.