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Title: Modifiers from 3DSMAX
Post by: ThomasCoote on October 23, 2014, 05:36:46 pm
Hello everyone,

Just watched the demo video of Lumion, and I have been given the task at work of R+D to see if this is something we could use in our projects.

Basically, we show the construction process of buildings, and we typically use the slice modifier in 3DSMax to show various walls, floors etc slicing in.

Is this something that can be exported over into Lumion? This is currently the only point that is stopping us from purchasing. Next week I have some time set aside to test this out for myself, but I thought I would at least ask here first and potentially save myself some frustration.

Title: Re: Modifiers from 3DSMAX
Post by: peterm on October 24, 2014, 05:39:45 am
Hi ThomasCoote

Thanks for your interest in Lumion.

Modifier stacks need to be collapsed and all objects as either Editable Mesh or Editable Poly for export from Max.  So the Slice modifier is not able to be exported to Lumion.

However, you can use a similar tool in Lumion - the Clipping Plane.  You can animate the position and rotation of the Clipping Plane Object to create progressive exposure of building elements.  There is just the one plane.  The plane applies to the complete scene, so all objects excluding certain types of entourage such as plants are clipped.

Here's a few examples:
1.  Simple Progressive Build Test Anim ( uses Clipping Plane, plus Sky Drop and some simple Move animations.

2.  INTERCAMBIADOR ( shows cross-section using Clipping Plane, earlier you see Sky Drop in use.
They have used it in other videos; see their Youtube channel:  The demo reel shows good use.

3.  Mipad (  see about 0:44 in.

Note the Clipping Plane does not provide for wall thickness filling.