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Title: Few Textures
Post by: feeble_25 on February 17, 2011, 03:05:41 pm
Hey guys. I have a question for you . Received the Lumion as a birthday gift from my uncle, and don't know a lot about it . I noticed that on the box they have written 400 and something texture, but in the program only a few appear. Where is this from, since i don't have the demo version ? Do i have to load them somehow ? And I also have a question . Do all the cars and people move around only after i render the movie ? Can their trajectory be set somehow ? I noticed they walk on a still spot. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
Title: Few Textures
Post by: Morten on February 17, 2011, 03:22:09 pm
There are hundreds of pre-made materials in the full version of Lumion which you can apply to imported models (some material types are on multiple pages - look for the white left/right arrows). You can't export the textures though if that's what you mean. Just make sure your USB dongle is connected to your PC when you start up Lumion to enjoy the benefits of the full version.

Animating people, cars etc is pretty straightforward. Just go to the Movie section and apply the "Move Item" effect to a clip. This allows you to set the start and end points of the objects you want to move – just bear in mind that you can only animate them in a straight line at the moment Smile