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Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: cryanbrandon on February 12, 2011, 03:00:26 am
I am testing the software to see if it would be of use at my firm and i keep running into the same problem first of all the fact that I cant save is ok if it would stop going to a white screen and freezing everytime i try to start export the 1080p video after spending the time to set up the model on multiple occasions.  Is the 1080p movie export function disabled or am I doing something wrong?


I would also really love to see some screen shots of the entire library of models and materials does anyone have this?  Its kind of hard to sell the partners on a program that I cant tell them for sure we will have everything we will need to create our models?



Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: Arthur on February 12, 2011, 09:41:23 am
Movie export 1080p is not disabled. What hardware do you use?
Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: cryanbrandon on February 12, 2011, 05:54:16 pm
Intel Core i7 2.67GHz

8gb Ram

Windows 7 64bit

Nvidia Quadro FX 1800m
Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: Arthur on February 14, 2011, 10:17:58 am
Memory should be enough for not too complex scenes. It may be a problem in the Quadro driver. Do you have a different card available for testing?
Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: cpercer on February 14, 2011, 10:56:55 pm
I have the FX 1800 as well.  By installing a GTX 580, I cut my render times down to 2 sec/frame from 15 sec/frame.  The white screen typically goes away after a minute or less on heavy scenes, and will render normally after.  I don't know if it's the case for MP4 output, but when outputing an image sequence, Lumion is still rendering images even while the white screen is displayed.
Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: Ferry on February 15, 2011, 10:43:46 am
I want to solve this issue. Can you tell me your exact specifications of your 580 GTX? Maybe we can find out why the white screens happen. It seems driver related but maybe we can solve that also.
Title: HD Movie Export
Post by: cpercer on February 16, 2011, 03:17:33 am
My 580 GTX is the PNY "Enthusiast Edition" and according to the device manager the driver version is "" which corresponds to the 260.xx series if I am not mistaken.  I just checked and NVidia has recently released the 265 series of drivers which improves performance on a number of games.  I am now downloading driver 266.58.


The issues I describe only have a detrimental effect when attempting to save as an MP4.  I have experienced several issues when rendering:

1.  The saved movie is nothing more than a green screen the length of the clip.  In the past, this has been preceded by The sky turning black after the movie has begun to render (described in a previous post.)

2.  The saved movie has the effect of a "negative" or inverse where the sky is green and the grass is pink.  This has occured on the beginning of a long clip (1:00) and on the whole of a short clip (0:10).  I may still have one of these clips saved; I'll check and send it your way.

3.  The rendering window turns white when first saving a file.  This has occured when saving as an MP4 and as an image sequence.  If it happens when saving to MP4, I press ESC to stop the saving (I don't want to wait to find out that the movie didn't save.)  If it happens when saving as an image sequence, I have a second monitor which has open the folder where the files are being saved.  I can see the images populating the folder as the render continues, so I don't press ESC.  Eventually the white screen goes away and the viewer returns to normal.

Of note:  The white screen also occurs when opening a heavy scene and then disappears as the Lumion workspace comes into view.


I have stopped trying to render a movie directly to MP4, and now use several other programs to convert the image sequence to MP4.  Which is actually fine since I have more control over the end result.