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Title: Forum rules
Post by: Remko on September 07, 2012, 01:22:06 pm
To qualify for technical support, you must adhere to these forum rules.
If you fail to comply, we reserve the right to stop providing technical support to you.

Dear forum users,

We want this forum to be a great place to discuss things about Lumion. Act-3D has taken up the task to create the best possible discussion platform for users of Lumion. To make sure the forum remains a great place to visit we would like to clearly communicate our policy. The goal of this policy is to make sure customers and visitors have a great time without disruptions from other forum users. Our goal is to keep the forum a nice place, easy to read, informative and exciting.
Getting banned from the forum
We are very liberal when it comes to forum posts, however the following important behaviors on the forum will get you banned:

It is possible to be banned for other reasons than the ones described above. You will have to try very hard to get banned though. Usually you will be warned by staff or less extreme measures might be taken such as post removal.
Appealing a Ban
We only discuss bans with the actual person who was banned. There are absolutely no guarantees that even if you appeal a ban or remove posts that it will be reversed/rescinded, especially if you've been banned previously. The best way to do this would be to drop an email to info[AT]act-3d[DOT]com.

Each profile on the forum has a reputation score. This reputation is the sum of negative and positive votes of other forum users about you. Staff does not have a reputation score and does not influence the score. 
Only in the very rare case of an error or other problem the staff can modify scores to make sure the system works normally. The scores are meant as a measure of how other forum users regard your contributions. A low score is a really bad sign and means Lumion customers do not think very highly of your forum contributions. It also increases your chances of getting banned.
In conclusion
The forum is a private discussion platform. Essentially is a service Act-3D provides to its users. It is not part of the Lumion product and use of the forum is not something you can claim on any grounds.
Kind regards,
Act-3D Staff