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Title: Material Flickr
Post by: chuttonx on September 05, 2012, 01:26:13 am
Hi all, using Lumion 2.1 Free, on an iMac i7 running Windows7 in Bootcamp. Just updated al lthe drivers too for the Graphics card, 2Gb.

In the Build Window, Theatre Window and also when Creating a video, My Floor and Ceiling ( The Underside of a Floor in this case ) Is Flickering on Movement of any kind, even a small rotation kicks it off.

The model ( an Internal Model not particularly large ) has been exported from Revit 2012 in DAE format, both from the Lumion Plugin and also via FBX converted to DAE.

I am a 6 year veteran in Revit, know it inside out at this stage, so i've pretty much tried everything Revit side to try and fix.

Ive also tried Depth Offset for the materials applied to Floor and Ceiling, i even tried the same material on my flicker free walls on both Floor and Ceiling but still ends in the same Flickering of the horizontal materials only.

Thoughts? Help?

EDIT: Just tried the Lumion 2.0 Plugin, still same flickering :(
Title: Re: Material Flickr
Post by: peterm on September 05, 2012, 04:52:03 am
It does sound from your description that its Lumion trying to resolve 2 materials effectively in same place.

Depth Offset should usually do the trick.  Sometimes the actual tweaking only needs to be very, very small.

Have you tried exporting as double-sided?  Also, is floor/ceiling a box shape or plane?

You could also try the auto depth fix material setting (see attached pic)
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