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Title: Gtx580 1.5 vs 580 4gb
Post by: hsk on August 08, 2012, 06:44:42 pm
I have question ,   I was using GTX 580 1.5GB and now replace it with GTX 580 3GB
I tested both card with the same scene, try to rendering a movie they have they same time when the render the frame
GTX 580 1.5 GB
3.38 s per frame

GTX 580 3 GB
3.38s per fame!!!!

is that a normal thing...I should get a good rendering time ,right??
Title: Re: Gtx580 1.5 vs 580 4gb
Post by: Aaron on August 08, 2012, 07:09:03 pm
It's perfectly normal.
GPU memory mostly influences the amount of textures you can use.
Clock/Shader/Memory speed mostly influences speed.
The rest of your computer (Mboard, mem, CPU) also counts.
Sometimes a bit, sometimes a lot.
Title: Re: Gtx580 1.5 vs 580 4gb
Post by: Morten on August 09, 2012, 10:47:53 am
Hi hsk, you will probably only notice a difference if you try to render a scene which uses many different textures (i.e. so many textures that they exceed the onboard memory of the 1.5GB card). Once that happens Lumion will attempt to use the system memory and your harddrive to temporarily store the textures in your scenes, which in turn will cause a slow-down. A 3GB card, however, will enable you to create scenes with a lot more textures before Lumion needs to use the system memory/harddrive as swap space.