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Title: Proposal for a sustainable Central Station in Örebro, Sweden
Post by: Thomas Bjorkroth on July 05, 2012, 08:58:10 pm

This is my final exam project for swedish High School, which won the price for best project of IT-Gymnasiet Sweden's award in Stockholm May, 31.

This is my suggestion for how the area of Örebro Central Station could work, both as a train station as well as bus station and a social and communicative arena with offices, social services and shops at in the same sustainable building.
Today we live in the 21th century, caring about the environment and applying designs according to that is what architecture is about, so I've developed a whole green solution for the building according to how we can both build modern architecture and at the same to have a high level of sustainability.  

A big thank you to Robert Bartow( (, who also was my mentor at this project, to let me borrow his license of lumion Pro.

Here is a animated visualization of the project. (

And a few pictures(More is available at (