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Title: Some feedback.
Post by: eliris on September 22, 2014, 08:16:20 pm
The competition is over, and I assume our Lumion copies will end their license soon.

Over the time I used Lumion I've noticed some things and I wanted to give some suggestion and feedback on what can probably be done in the future to improve (of course, take your time guys, you did great on the software)


Manual camera acceleration and deceleration settings.
For those who wants to set how much the camera accelerates and decelerates during a video.

Render separate clips in a queue.
For rendering individual clips/videos in a queue, one after another,rather than rendering the whole video in one block, so the person can queue it up, render and go somewhere else while waiting, and if anything wrong happens, the videos that have finished rendering can be saved and only those not rendered yet will be redone.
Because if the whole video was rendered in one block and something wrong happens, the user has to redo it all again.

Build mode:
Smaller terrain paint brush.
A smaller paint brush might be beneficial for a terrain, say someone wants a two meter dirt square with a bigger grass square outside it, a small brush is needed to make the sharp edges and details possible.

Walk through speed.
If the project's surface is really immense, it would be great to be able to set a higher speed so they can navigate faster with the WASD keys.

Layer names.
Sometimes without even touching the layers, after some while they have names such as "aaaaa" or "ddddddd", this is probably because they somehow get the WASD input while the user is navigating.

Get name/reference of selected object.
Sometimes especially while adding trees, there's some tree species I forgot the name but I placed, I would like to get its name again when I click it so that I can browse for it in the inventory again.

Don't randomize hedge rotation.
Randomizing tree rotation is great since they won't look similar, but since hedges were in the tree category as well, they got randomized too, unfortunately, if one lines up five hedges horizontally (to make a fence for example), then selected and ALT+Dragged, the previous hedges' rotation gets randomized again and the fence (in our example) doesn't stay straight anymore.

I think that's about all I ran into so far in the software, everything else works perfect and would serve any architect great,

Thank you :)
Title: Re: Some feedback.
Post by: peterm on September 23, 2014, 01:14:40 am
Hi eliris

Many thanks for the feedback, and taking the time to prepare an excellant list.

Some of the ideas have been suggested by our users such as camera, render cue and terrain brush size.

For walkthrough speed you can use the Spacebar for super fast, see Navigation LUMION 4: Tips, Tricks and Shortcuts (  There's also teleport  :).

Get reference to Library object:  you can use the Context Menu --> Selection --> Library --> Select In Library.  Note this context menu is very useful to also do replacements  ;).

The random rotation of plants (including hedges) can be cancelled by pressing the X key when doing the Alt copy (see Tips).
Title: Re: Some feedback.
Post by: eliris on September 23, 2014, 06:52:59 am
Hi Peterm,

Thank you for the helpful info, there were some still things I didn't know.

And I'm glad I could help in any way :)