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Title: Some questions.......
Post by: grincheux on January 14, 2011, 09:17:08 am

you're soft is really great! but i've some questions............

1- I'm not anderstand how to save a texture or an object as lumion's texture and lumion's object!

I saw some topics in this forum about this................. but ................. So, could't you make tutorials on this, i think that it will be good for a lot of people.... A division/sharing of textures and objects created by the users could be then made in a library put on this forum..........

2- Can we make "geometrales" views for depictions of facades? Also for top views  seen by mass plans?

3- Can we parametrize the size of the video file of exit(release)? A size (format) 16/9 for example by choosing the dimensions which one want?

4- Can we save " an atmosphere " (parameter setting of lighting of the scene) to be able to reuse it then for the another project? The good regulation in particular of the sun (shine, power) is not evident!


Escuse my very poor English....................Embarassed

Thanks to you
Title: Some questions.......
Post by: Remko on January 19, 2011, 10:13:59 am
1. What do you mean exactly? There's a tutorial already for importing and materials in case you need that.

2. Isometric views will come at one point. Currently there's just one camera function but it makes sense this will expand into things like isometric projections and more.

3. We specifically chose standard sizes because we want to keep things simple.  The current sizes should be fine for most purposes. You could always use a separate tool for cropping and resizing.

4. We have presets in the next update but they are not user configurable yet.
Title: Some questions.......
Post by: gabrielefx on January 19, 2011, 02:42:57 pm
Hi Lumion staff,

I have also some questions to ask:


How can I create a simple phong material importing objects from Max?

For example:

I've imported from Max a model that has only assigned standard materials. One for the walls, one for the windows, one for the metal parts, etc.

In Lumion I want to assign basic materials like red plastics, metals without textures but I don't know how tho create these materials.

For example your metal materials are all texturized, there are no basic plastic phong materials.

The video you posted with the Sketchup villa doesn't help.


Another question is:

In animation mode every snapshot is made by two seconds, how can I assign on every shot different duration?

This is a tedious problem because every movement I did with the camera has to have the same distance. If I move the camera by 2 meters and click the first shot and then the second shot is 10 meters relative to the first I will have a discontinuity in cam acceleration...really bad.

I think you have to consider the various relative distances to automatically get the same acceleration, or add a parameter that set the right duration of each interpolation.

Interpolations are all smooth and you can't control the ease in-out or change in linear.

Probably this is already possible to do with Lumion, but I don't know how.


Best regards
Title: Some questions.......
Post by: arashi on January 20, 2011, 12:34:16 pm
for question one I think he meant that we need a way to save materials by themselves and a specific place to share our textures.

check this out its a resources sharing site for maxwell render. 

It would be great if we have something similar for lumion.
Title: Some questions.......
Post by: Ferry on January 21, 2011, 09:32:00 am
We can make a custom materials tab where you can copy your own materials.


Not every snapshot is made with 2 seconds in between. It tries to calculate a smooth camera motion at all times. The minimum is 2 seconds. But you can change that with the movie effect that speeds up or slows down the whole motion. Try to experiment a bit with it. Try to take a few new shots and see what happens. 
Title: Some questions.......
Post by: Aaron on January 21, 2011, 10:36:20 am
Ferry said:

We can make a custom materials tab where you can copy your own materials.


That would be the best news since I inherited 20 scottish castles!

But what do you mean exactly? Would this allow us to edit those materials as well?