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Title: Unreal Engine4 goes viral
Post by: Aaron on May 20, 2012, 05:21:30 pm
Well acually a bit more then viral.
Read the rather lengthy article here: (
Or just skip to the conclusion :-)

When Alan Willard walks the audience through the demo—complete with armored demon, dancing sparks, and rolling balls of light—the room falls still. Then the twist: Willard reveals that both the cinematic scene and the following tech demo haven’t been running off a game file but in real time from within UE4′s game editor. It’s like finding out that the actors on TV are actually tiny people living inside your set. It also helps him show that changes can be made to the game’s design and code, recompiled and executed nearly instantly—a technical feat that has been simply unheard-of in game development. And just like that, the silence in the room becomes reverent. The videogame industry has changed.
Title: Re: Unreal Engine4 goes viral
Post by: Ferry on May 20, 2012, 05:34:03 pm
Lengthy is an understatement.

Lets hope it brings some cool games. Unreal 3 itself was not even worth noticing. Some games created with that software where of course really good.
Title: Re: Unreal Engine4 goes viral
Post by: BMcIsaac on May 21, 2012, 05:15:36 pm
If you are then simulating intelligence with these super/virtual compilers it makes for some pretty dramatic visual experimentation. If each of the characters could be atonomosly programed and placed in a scenario....let loose to roam and interact without direction other than environmental stimulus....hmmmm..... a kind of simulated virtual reality TV with limitless scenarios to explore. Could certainly be applied in a lot of predictive experimentation...very useful in demonstrating disaster rollout scenarious. So in 50 years will there be any real actors? or will thay all have to be programmed to suite our evolved taste in adventure....with the real, evolving backwards into a more sedintary blob like creature. :-D