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Title: Question about naming conventions
Post by: jimbobaggins on May 12, 2012, 04:54:20 pm
What I don't understand is how professional is better than ultimate.  ??? I mean if somethings ultimate isn't it the best that it can be. Shouldn't professional come b4 ultimate? If you keep following the current naming convention wont 2.3 be called executive and then 2.4 called manager and at some point maybe 2.?? or even 3 get to being called the less than ordinary version or maybe the lowly pauper version. Oh sorry that's already another name for the free version. :D

Nah cmo'n I am only joking keep up the good work people.

I recently looked at both Lumen RT and Archflow and they don't hold a candle. And I cant believe that some people are discussing using CryEngine 3 to achieve the same thing as Lumion, I mean talk about making things more complicated.