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Title: water along pipeline
Post by: woody1979 on April 08, 2012, 11:07:02 pm
i want to do a pipeline in revit and export it to lumion .
it is possible in lumion to make water along  pipeline and how to do it?
Title: Re: water along pipeline
Post by: Morten on April 09, 2012, 01:20:05 pm
Hi woody1979, that depends on how you want to display the water.

The main problem you're facing is that Lumion has trouble displaying multiple semi-transparent overlapping materials (the one that's closest to the camera will obstruct other semi-transparent surfaces behind it).

So if you make the pipeline semi-transparent by applying a Glass material to it in Lumion in order to demonstrate how the water flows through the pipeline, you will not be able to see the water inside the pipeline.

Also, the Waterfall material in Lumion relies on a gradient of the imported surface to determine which way to "move" the water. If the water surface in your pipeline only has a very slight gradient, the water will not appear to move much.

In any case, it would be easier to help you if you could post links to videos/screenshots that demonstrate exactly how you want to display the water and the pipeline.