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Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: moayed on December 21, 2010, 04:56:48 pm


i'm asking about the new update and what is the new features ?
Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: Ferry on December 21, 2010, 05:16:28 pm
You can already see a post on the update. And it is soon.
Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: pxlntwrk on December 22, 2010, 01:21:54 pm
Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: Ferry on December 22, 2010, 02:28:38 pm
We made a build but it is wrong and Arthur who builds it is away this afternoon. So I hope he can re-build it later today. 


Here is the latest build notes though:


Update 1:


- When bloom and streaks where removed fog was not visible

- In 1* fog was never visible

- Custom AutoUV didn't set all texture and custom settings

- Custom AutoUV and base materials of Lumion couldn't use the original texture UV

- Some new scenes had SSOA range on maximum and a water model in the void

- Our rotated grid AA was not active in 1920x1080 and 1280x720 screenshots

- On ATI cards car colors where black while painting

- Sometimes a material initialisation file didn't load and reinited the material

- Freeimage now uses a different dll name to avoid collision

- Fixed a few issues with bloom improving performance and memory usage

- Deleting and adding a new object with the same name now works

- The white landscape option had a problem with the correct shader

- The landscape set icons now update correctly the first time you load a landscape

- Reloading a model had a problem if surfaces where removed

- We had a library inconsistency with the FBX reader plugin resulting in rotated models

- Fixed problem when saving image sequences. You can properly save all image sequence types

- Standard material will now have correct reflection when not defining a custom bumpmap

- Fixed a problem with moving the imported models to a new layer

- Glass shader didn't clear its texture if not used

- print resolution photo had an antialiasing problem also in low memory mode the antialiasing was incorrect

- on ATI cards characters had incorrect rotation when moving them with the move items movie effect

- the home menu text was not visible on a 2500x1600 monitor

Added / changed:

- When icons are at the exact same position they will now get a small offset this works up to 5 icons maximum

- Added 2d billboard material for custom billboards that face the camera

- Added DDS and PNG to texture loaded dialog

- The LOD of trees for final movie and photo is now 10 times further

- Q and E now move up and down the camera

- Added tangient calculations for original UV maps for use with Lumion material system

- Moved the help button so incidental click is reduced

- Created a paging system for materials so that you can have more materials on a model

- In record mode sliding now also sets the exposure and focal animations

- Stopping an animation uses the camera at the moment of stop as the new camera

- Playing shows a play bar in record mode

- Renamed the custom materials and gave new icons and new slider names

- Default settings for materials changed

- Selection of materials for new materials is now order dependend

- Siderock parameter now also works for the rock material

- Deleting a custom object from the library deselects that model

- You cant delete a model from your library that is in use

- Panning now also works with shift to make it faster

- Pressing G in advanced move now always puts the object on the ground

- The camera now stops moving quicker

- In advanced move rotate is now relative

- Shadow range can now be set from 0 to 2 which changes the far ranges from 400 to 1500

- In advanced move mode shift moves the current selection plus dragging object

- You can now add effects over the whole movie making it easier to move people and cars

- You can now have different water settings per material

- There now is a movie effect that lets you control the reflection point range and type

- you can now also use move item on imported models

- the layer select context menu now shows which layer the clicked model is in

- you can now lock all movement of objects through its context menu

- when using the space command rotation is now retained

- when using F11 to go to full window pressing CTRL + F11 will go to full screen with the resolution of the desktop

- you can now see the path of items in move item mode

- characters show their rotation in move item mode

- new flowers 

- new cows 

- new bushes 

- new misc items 

- updated turbines correct size

- you can now use overscan rendering to avoid SSOA problems and God ray problems (fog shadow)
Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: hdesign on December 28, 2010, 11:37:04 am
Hello.How can I add a 2d billborad in lumion3d? Thanks!
Title: when the next update is & what's new ?
Post by: Ferry on December 28, 2010, 02:01:43 pm
I think the release candidate Demo version doesn't have it so you will need to look for it in this forum. It is in one of the posts.