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Title: intel graphic card problem
Post by: Meto on February 02, 2012, 11:19:45 am
I downloaded the free version. I install and open it, then click on a scene and then my screen starts to go off and on and off and on.
Then I get "display adapter stopped... bla bla" and then- blue screen- restart. Same thing after every reinstall. I have 2 video cards: GE Force GT 540M (2GB dedicated) and Intel HD Graphics 3000 (128MB dedicated and up to 1.8GB shared):
All of this is on an ACER Aspire 5750G. i5 2410M processor, 4GB RAM.


I updated all drivers but it still doesn't work.
The "bugs and issues" link on the website doesn't work, even when I am logged-on.
Please help. I have to have the program
Title: Re: intel graphic card problem
Post by: Gaieus on February 02, 2012, 12:28:49 pm
You need to make sure that Lumion uses the nvidia card, not the intel chipset. There is a setting in the video card panel where you can select it. Here is another topic about it (and I have also linked off-site for someone with a similar issue but using SketchUp - follow that link with screenshots and all) ( (