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Title: Lumion 10.3 has been released
Post by: Morten on March 17, 2020, 12:33:14 pm

Lumion 10.3 has been released

Always get a real-time view of your AutoCAD 3D model in Lumion’s breathtaking, full context environments with Lumion LiveSync for AutoCAD, new in Lumion 10.3.

The free Lumion LiveSync for Autodesk AutoCAD plugin lets you set up a simultaneous, real-time connection between your 3D model in AutoCAD and Lumion 10.3. Change the model’s shape in AutoCAD to test a modified design, and you’ll instantly see the model updated in Lumion so you can view it with accurate lighting and shadow, surrounding context such as urban neighborhoods or rural settings, and beautiful, realistic materials.

When materials feel real, designs come to life. In Lumion 10.3, you can now import your own Displacement Maps into Lumion’s built-in or custom materials. With this feature, the act of seeing your architectural visualizations becomes the experience of feeling them, heightening emotion while drawing viewers into your designed building or space.

Lumion 10.3 comes with a significant improvement to the High-quality preview feature by incorporating Hyperlight Effect lighting into the preview, enhancing the beauty of your real-time view.

This is a great timesaver when tweaking the lighting of your Photos and Clips.


Lumion 10.3 is a free update for all Lumion 10.0.x users.

Please note that scenes and models saved in Lumion 10.3 are not backward compatible with older versions of Lumion.
Please follow the instructions in the following article to install it:
Title: Lumion Hotfix for Lumion 10.3
Post by: peterm on March 20, 2020, 09:21:55 pm
Lumion Hotfix for Lumion 10.3

In Movie Mode, the camera pauses at every keyframe in Clips in Lumion 10.3.

The hotfix below resolves this problem:

Knowledge Base: Lumion Hotfix for Lumion 10.3 (

The hotfix will also be included in the next version of Lumion.