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Title: [Answered] Landscape materials
Post by: facundito on December 31, 2018, 07:53:50 am

I am trying to build a landscape made of ice with materials that include reflections and glossiness, perhaps even some transparency (like ice).. I notice that we can paint the landscape with custom diffuse maps and normal maps however, is there a way to also use reflective / glossiness maps? I would love to be able to paint a glossy, icy landscape with a bit more of the 'procedural' and parametric functionalities of materials but on the overall landscape. Is there a way to do this? Would the only possibility be importing a large sized mesh made outside of lumion so that glossiness becomes a possibility within the object's material?

Thank you so much!
Title: Re: Landscape materials
Post by: Morten on December 31, 2018, 09:47:00 am
Hi facundito, the Lumion Terrain is a grid mesh, so it's not possible to generate the kind of shapes you need. Instead you'll need to create your terrain model in a 3rd party app and import it in Lumion.

As for the ice material, I would recommend using one of the PureGlass Materials from the built-in Material Library.

Since you're using version 7.5 which only includes a limited number of models and materials, I should mention that we also offer a Lumion 9.0.2 Pro Trial version which is available from your local reseller. This version is valid for 7 days from the date of issue and works just like the full commercial version.

Here's the information about the two Trial versions and how to get Lumion 9.0.2 Pro Trial:

Knowledge Base article: Is there a Trial version of Lumion? (

Let us know if you've got any other questions.