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Title: Archiving & backups
Post by: thecravatman on December 14, 2011, 09:34:03 pm
Remko posted earlier in the year...
By the way, we had some plans to make an "Package" option for Lumion so you could easily transfer and backup your project. Essentially it just grabs all the data you need for a certain project and packs it in a special zip file. When you double click the file it gets loaded into Lumion and added to your current projects. This is a great way to take a project from one computer to another.

We had some other requests from other users to be able to change your "home" folder for your projects. Sounds like a reasonable idea.

Has any headway been made on this Archiving & backups process. Does anyone have any good ideas? We are using Lumion regularly and want to start Archiving & backups more professionally.
Title: Re: Archiving & backups
Post by: peterm on December 14, 2011, 10:15:34 pm
The packaging option is more specific to moving a project from PC to PC.  Any good backup tool will give you the suitable archive and backup needed, or use a version control tool.

If you organise your projects into sub-folders for the Library files and Scene files eg ..\mydocuments\Lumion\Library\ProjectXYZ and ..\mydocuments\Lumion\Scene\ProjectXYZ plus use another single project folder for all your input and output resources, then its not too hard to zip or RAR up or use backup tools to backup or archive or restore from.
All you need to do manually is maintain the sub-folders (10 seconds a day) to move the files to respective places. 
Title: Re: Archiving & backups
Post by: blendman on December 15, 2011, 01:09:25 pm
I very much like the idea of a two button press for archiving and backing up.

Button 1 is the intention to backup/archive. 

Button 2 gives you the option of Where this is to be saved.