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Title: [Sold] Lumion Pro V8 License for Sale By Member Toby Fuller
Post by: Morten on June 26, 2018, 08:36:46 pm

Member Toby Fuller is looking to sell his license:

I am changing careers and interested in selling my Lumion 8 Pro license.
Message me for more details if interested.

A good contact email for me is [email protected]


This is just to confirm that we allow users to sell their license if they no longer need it. :)

Our Step:
We can confirm that a Lumion Pro license for version 8 is registered with this members email address here at the Support Center.  This does not provide proof of ownership.  If you feel you need proof of ownership, then during your discussions with the seller, request a copy of the Avangate or Lumion reseller receipt for the original sale.

Seller and Buyer Steps:
When the sale is made, forward the license number, and the name, address, company name etc of both the buyer and yourself as seller to our office: info [at]

My colleagues will then verify the details and facilitate the transfer of the license.  We do not authorize the sale or transfer of a license.  We merely act on instructions from you to transfer the license.

Act-3D does not get involved, and is not a party to the sale/purchase of the license.  We cannot be held liable for any issues arising from either party not meeting the terms of the agreement they have reached in their sale and purchase arrangement.

For the buyer: we don't get involved in the money transfer, so make sure to use a reputable company for that.  All that you'll need is a receipt for the money transfer to the seller.

In the extremely unlikely event that the seller continues to use the license after the transfer, we would simply revoke the license.  Then, issue a new license to the person who bought the license, so there is a safety net in case of abuse.

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Title: Re: [Sold] Lumion Pro V8 License for Sale By Member Toby Fuller
Post by: Morten on June 28, 2018, 08:34:59 pm
Toby wrote:

"License sold quickly.  Not surprising since this is great software.  Thank you for the assistance."