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Title: Rhino to Lumion: Maps and decal frustration ...
Post by: palosanto on December 01, 2011, 03:10:10 am

Is there a way to apply decals to an imported object? 
I have all my work modeled in Rhino and so far I  have been unsuccessful finding a workflow that works.
This is what I've tried: 

My object needs a planar side projection (it is the side of a ship's hull).
In Rhino I apply a rectangular map with the markings, waterline, paint color etc fitting the extents of the object in the x,z plane (z is up in Rhino). I adjust the mapping coords to project accordingly. Essentially is a big decal with no tiling.
Texture shows correctly and model renders ok using Rhino built in basic renderer.
1.- Rhino to Sketchup (Rhino doesn't export skp out of the box but there is a skp exporter plugin).  The texture doesn't show up in SKU using 'shaded with textures' face style.  Am I supposed to see it ?   Sorry I'm not familiar with Sketchup.
2.- I Export Sketchup to Lumion as dae with two-sided faces enabled (otherwise there are lots of invisible faces).
3.- In Lumion I get no textures at all.
4.- So I make a new standard material and try apply the same texture to the object leaving scale to 0 (preserve original coords) and nothings shows up.
5.- I Play with the scale (very sensitive by the way ...) and the x,y,z positioning and my results are totally random and make no sense.

I've tried many combinations in the workflow with fbx, obj, 3ds and dxf formats on both stages of the pipeline, from Rhino to SKU, from SKU to Lumion and also directly from Rhino to Lumion with mixed results but all equally puzzling.

What am I doing wrong?  Do the coordinates get lost at some point?

Some thoughts:  The map I'm using is rectangular matching the aspect ratio of the extents of the ship's hull.  Maybe Lumion only accepts square maps?  If that's the case, how do I do it? 
Has anyone been successful going from Rhino to Lumion and preserving Decals?
Attached are screenshots and the texture map used.
Your help would be very much appreciated.