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Post by: blendman on November 18, 2011, 06:41:00 am
Hi Guys,

I’ve just put in my order for Lumion 2.0 and pretty damn excited about it!  I’m hoping the Lumion team quickly set up a new competition challenge, only this time based on a series of categories.
He’s a few suggestions:
1.   Best Use of interior illumination
This will consider alternative interior designs, whether in a cave, a temple, or on venus! But pushing the new limits of version 2.

2.   Best Use of night time cityscape scene
This will consider alternative external night designs, whether in a metropolis, a small country town, or on sci fi Ganymede moonCity with views of  Jupiter! But pushing the new limits of designing with version 2.

3.   Best Use of motion
Design a car race or space ships, your challenge is to emulate motion, make us enjoy drinking/eating coke and popcorn!

4.   Best 1 minute short film
Blue sky limit.

5.   Best twelve minute long film
Challenge will be a design without boring everyone to death!

Prizes could be free Utimate, or plugins. ;)