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Post by: michaelsis on June 11, 2014, 05:53:17 pm
Hello Lumion Team

I am about to purchase the pro version of Lumion. I wanted to thank you guys for making such a unique software with really impressive graphics. I hope you guys keep improving on the graphics and features available within Lumion.

So far, here is my wishlist of features i would like to see the Lumion Team add to future versions of Lumion.

1. Characters with multiple animation options. For instance, each character could come with a list animations to choose from. Like maybe, if you add a business guy... you can right click on the business guy and there would be a list of pre animated actions... like using a cell phone, using a tablet, getting into a car, doing a presentation, basically... each character could have pre animated actions based on the type of character they are. A sports guy could have sports like pre animated actions to choose from.

2. Automobile visualization - ability to see inside cars... it would be really cool if you could add characters who could open car doors and enter cars, or planes, helicopters, jets.

3. Manufacturer(real life materials) -  I really really hope Lumion Staff add this soon. It would be nice if Lumion could add a rich library of Manufacturer catalogs, materials, paint, furniture and so on. I think that this feature above all is really needed since Lumion is an architectural visualization.

5. Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to add surfer like waves feature. If i need to do some visualizations for a surfboard company.. it would be nice if i could create really big surf waves in the ocean. Lumion already comes with a really powerful ocean feature.. Many thanks for that.. but if you guys could add the ability to make surfer waves in the water.. that would be SUPER AWESOME!!!!!! and of course, if you do decide to add this, could you please add some surfer guys and gals with some surfer animations.. im not sure how difficult this would be to add.. but it would be really really really cool for the kind of work i will be doing once i buy Lumion.
Post by: peterm on June 12, 2014, 02:27:22 am
Hi michaelsis

Thanks for your interest and support of Lumion.  Look forward to seeing you on the forum soon as a registered user.

As a registered commercial user you also get access to that section of the forum.  We have a number of boards that include topics for feedback and Wishlists.  Those are the ones that are looked at, so if you would kindly spend a few minutes once you have Lumion, and copy/paste your suggestions to the WishLists (new or existing topics) that would be great.

re 1. great idea, thanks, it's possible that has been suggested already so thanks for the +1

re 2. has been suggested, as it makes things look more real than driverless cars (now in 5 years time??  :D)

re 3. thanks for suggestion.  I would say that is really more for the modelling applications such as Revit, ArchiCAD etc, so that as a user models a building and then imports it into Lumion those required manufacturer materials are imported at the same time as the base model.

re 5.  thanks for the suggestion.  Might be slightly out of the core of
Lumion is an architectural visualization
, and priorities are going to be towards providing resources that fit that core.  However, you never know.  :-D
Post by: michaelsis on June 12, 2014, 06:59:23 pm
Thanks for the reply Peterm
i'm currently saving up for the pro version.
unless you guys will sell it to me on an installment payment basis xoxo
Post by: peterm on June 13, 2014, 03:17:27 am
  :'(  not an option Act3D make available.

You could have a chat to your friendly bank manager and detail how as a business asset Lumion will work and perhaps having funding earlier than later may give you access to potential customers  ;).  Or get Lumion and then move up to Pro  :-9.  Or save  :-D.