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Title: Export movie from frame X to frame Y ?
Post by: Ivander.F.R on October 28, 2011, 10:07:01 pm

I'd like to know if it is possible to export a movie from an specific frame until another frame. 
I know you can have scenes, but it's not what I meant; suppose you have a big 15 min or so animation, just 1 scene, complex camera movements, object and sky animation etc, and when you've rendered your sequence you got a few bad frames, or you need to make a small change... 
It would be a lot easier to just render those frames than to re-render the whole animation.
Is this possible with the current version? is this a planed feature?
Title: Re: Export movie from frame X to frame Y ?
Post by: Morten on October 29, 2011, 09:56:20 am
Hi Ivander Field, this is currently not possible in Lumion.

You didn't mention whether your 15 min animation a single clip rendered as an MP4 file? If so, you have no other option than to render the whole thing again.

If the animation consists of many clips, you can render individual clips that you want to adjust. To do that, click on the "Create movie from clip" button above a given clip thumbnail.

Generally speaking, the most flexible solution is to render image sequences for each clip in a lossless format, such as PNG/TGA/BMP. Press CTRL to bring up the Image sequence option (IMG) in the movie export dialog window.

Having the entire animation as an image sequence makes it straightforward to edit and update clips in a 3rd party video editor.
Title: Re: Export movie from frame X to frame Y ?
Post by: Gaieus on October 29, 2011, 10:12:10 am
I suppose he has one clip only - that's what he probably means by "scene" above...

Ivander: if it is really one, long clip ("scene"), you can do the following:

I know it is tedious but currently there is no other way. Also, since it is almost impossible to find the exact frame to switch the movie from (unless you exported to individual image frames maybe), best would be to put the movie together with a transition here
Title: Re: Export movie from frame X to frame Y ?
Post by: Nico on October 29, 2011, 12:01:39 pm
No no no nó!!  |:( |:( |:( |:( |:( No no no nó nó nó |:(
I do not want to believe that after one year since launch, this nonsense is not so necessary for raising improved version 2. I can not believe. So I agree with Ivander Field.

This is from May month: (
And I want to know if you can implement any of these, to me, much-needed improvements.
Title: Re: Export movie from frame X to frame Y ?
Post by: Ivander.F.R on October 29, 2011, 05:06:52 pm
Hello again,

@Morten, it's exactly like that, and image sequence (using the advanced export options).

@Gaieus, thanks, I meant clip, it is just one clip. Also, I've tried your approach before, that's why I said it was a complex clip, because once you start deleting shots you mess with your animation timings, for example: suppose you have the sun height rising on the first shot and ending at 45°, you render the whole clip... deleting intermediate camera-takes gets the whole thing out of sync, you can no longer use those frames to 'patch' the old animation. Also, the camera starts to move with 'easy-in' by default (you can't change this as far as I know), so the velocity increases over time, you'll end with different camera positions relative to the scene giving a time.

@nicolasweh, Thanks! it would be a lot easier to just been able to select an 'output range' in the movie export section, conceptually it sounds really easy to implement, but I'm not a coder, haha, so maybe this feature could sneak into the next version giving Lumion's amazing team, maybe? please consider it...

Thank you all for your feedback.

Edit: Grammar :( not so good with English.