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Title: [Awaiting Reply] Benchmark in progress error, GFX -1, GTX 1050 4GB
Post by: gilikes on December 31, 2017, 02:33:11 am
I have a new laptop, Dell XPS 9560, 32GB RAM, GTX 1050 4GB. should run Lumion easily.
when I run Lumion I get a "benchmark in progress" error. i press ESCAPE and  the GFX score is -1.
when I right click on the Lumion application  and run it with the NVIDIA GPU, nothing happens, the  program doesn't seem to launch, but if i try launching it again - it says i cant run it twice simultaneously. as if the first run was ok, but actually nothing happened. I have no idea what to do....  the closest thing i found in the forum was resolved via email, so i couldn't see if the solution could  help me out too.
appreciate any help... thanks
Title: Re: Benchmark in progress error, GFX -1, GTX 1050 4GB
Post by: peterm on December 31, 2017, 05:14:12 am
Hi gilikes

Welcome  :).

Which of the Trial versions are you trying to use - the (public) 7 day Trial or the Lumion Pro Trial (7 day evaluation trial)?

Also, please attach to a post the Windows Diagnostics (DXDiag) Report. Refer our Knowledge Base Article: How do you attach a diagnostics report to a post? (

If you try running Lumion again, unless you have rebooted the laptop, first check that it is still not trying to run in the background by using Windows Task Manager and End Task if it is in the task list.
Title: Re: [Awaiting Reply] Benchmark in progress error, GFX -1, GTX 1050 4GB
Post by: gilikes on December 31, 2017, 04:48:25 pm
hey, thanks for your quick reply.
I'm using the  public version.
when i installed it, i got a message '   setup was unable to create the  directory "c:\users\gilik\onedrive\????"  error 123: the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect  '.

when i press to re-run benchmark in lumion, i get a message " unable to create folders in documents folder dur to inadequate read\write windows user permission. please contact your administrator".

after talking to Dell to ask about my graphics card, i was told it's a"cheepset. not a physical card. once the intel HD graphics is maxed out, it turns into the GTX 1050 4GB automatically." therefore the DxDiag report shows the intel HD graphics as default. all the drivers are up to date ofcourse, and a graphics test ensures that the GTX 1050 works fine.

appreciate the help, thank you
Title: Re: [Awaiting Reply] Benchmark in progress error, GFX -1, GTX 1050 4GB
Post by: peterm on December 31, 2017, 11:35:42 pm
Hi gilikes

First thing, unless now done, is you need to change the Windows Permissions for your local OneDrive to Full (Read and Write).

But more importantly, unless you have a very fast ultra broadband connection we do not recommend using OneDrive as the primary file space, as that is sycn'd to the online OneDrive of Microsoft.  It may have been set up that way by default by Dell when configuring the system.  Lumion Imported Model files can be very large, and our experience is that online file services with file sync can result in incorrect saves when Lumion files are still open and being saved. 

So, check the Windows re-direct settings for your Documents folder.  You may need to seek other support to help you check and set things to what's needed.

You can still use OneDrive as a backup or file copy.

The explanation about how your laptops graphics work leaves (to say the least) something to be desired.  :-\

Your laptop has an on-board graphics card chip - an Intel(R) HD Graphics 630 chip which can run basic Windows and non-graphics intensive applications.  That chip is set as the default graphics.

It also has a dedicated NVIDIA graphics card/chip set - in the case of the XPS, a GTX 1050.  To use the GTX 1050 for applications such as Lumion, you need to assign that application to use the required graphics system.  The onboard Intel graphics is totally inadequate for Lumion.

To get Lumion to use the correct dedicated graphics card, please follow the steps in our Knowledge Base Article: Why is your computer using an Intel HD graphics chip instead of the dedicated graphics card? (

Please also note that the laptop with the GTX 1060 for laptop systems has a Passmark of no more than 4410 (possibly less by 20% with the NVIDIA Max-Q technology for laptops).  That means the type of Scenes you can create in Lumion fit in to the Simple Scene description.  See Which graphics card do you need? (  Are those the types of scenes you will be using Lumion for?