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Title: Rotate options in advanced move?
Post by: cpercer on December 09, 2010, 08:41:22 pm
If I hold control to access the advanced move icons, I can get pitch and bank.  If I press esc I enter free move mode.  I know I can rotate by pressing R in free move mode, but how do I pitch and bank in free move mode?  My models are very large and I can't get close enough to the objects to see what I'm doing if the controls are at the origin point.  Maybe in the next update, the icons can "move" with the camera?

While we're on the origin point, if I bring in several models from the same file and select "position - align" all the icons become overlapped, making selection of an object extremely difficult.  Is there a way to spread out the icons when objects are aligned?  I am constantly modifying the wrong object.

With some of my models, the Y coordinate is above 0 to represent correct elevation.  Whenever I move an object down to meet the ground everything is fine until I try to reposition the object at which point the height is reset to the original position.  This is very annoying.  I've been able to work around this by using free mode, but since many objects are aligned, I have to reset the alignment after using free move.  Any way to select multiple objects for free move?



P.S. Really need roads and a larger terrain mapLaugh
Title: Rotate options in advanced move?
Post by: Ferry on December 10, 2010, 10:49:35 am
I'll look into multiple free move.


For roads there are currently many methods to create them in special road packages correct?


The larger terrain map is of course on the horizon.