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Title: I think my obligation is to state my opinion
Post by: SEVERINO on October 13, 2011, 10:46:29 am
Lately my interventions in this forum have been to solve problems and get help, but now and after reading some of the criticisms that are being made to Lumion, I think my obligation is to state my opinion, since zero which coincides with that of most of us who work with this program.

We can enter into comparative programs, making it either, but in the end what remains is pure reality, Lumion now is a very intuitive, supports large number of entities and move heavy files.
My opinion is we should focus on Lumion, avoid absurd comparisons are useless and support the team Lumion both are doing to make a simple, powerful, fast and with very good results. In the past, I've said in this forum Lumion is a program that has served miraculously needs that was looking back ten years, which is why I can only have praise for his fantastic team.

In my humble opinion, I just want to say Lumion team mates and the forum should not change the basic premises of Lumion capacity, strength, simplicity and results. Any addition of new features, necessary on the other hand, such as lighting and reflections, it must preserve the above premises, as otherwise we will need more powerful equipment and tons of patience to achieve results.

Greetings to all and wish them the best team Lumion of luck Lumion version 2, you have my support ahead of incndicional and if you it's worth, since I work with Lumion, I'm a happier person, "I can now hear the sound of the waterfalls of the source. "

thank you very much
Title: Re: I think my obligation is to state my opinion
Post by: RAD on October 13, 2011, 01:21:51 pm
That's why it's the most fun!   :)
Title: Re: I think my obligation is to state my opinion
Post by: Brian Hengelsberg on October 13, 2011, 06:31:20 pm
Well said...agreed!  It has helped many of us achieve results not previously possible.  The software has changed the market, and will continue to at the rate they are going.
Title: Re: I think my obligation is to state my opinion
Post by: Architectural Innovation on October 14, 2011, 01:47:14 pm
i agree. it is very easy to get carried away with opinions and defending ones point of view but in the end, we all just want to help Lumion be the best product for our purposes which has the best discussion forum and help around. Its already a pretty interesting community here.

Lumion has been a Godsend for our office. We have been able to accomplish things that would previously be impossible due to time and budget constraints. And clients are responding very favorably to the richer, more immersive visualizations we are able to provide.

I only wish i had more time to truly explore its capabilities and to produce more detailed, exciting projects. i look forward to where we will be with Lumion a year from now. I anticipate significant improvements and ease of use as the developers hammer out their issues and ours.

Thanks All,