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Title: Render Settings of Some Projects
Post by: Nico on September 15, 2011, 06:59:36 am
I upload these screen captures, because they are several those who have asked me to comment on the Render Settings, the truth is that it was never a secret, neither I don´t even believe that it has neither major merit, or that were the Render Settings of the rendered one Vray, this is so small, that always my complaint has been that for prioritizing the clarity of interface, the resultant one is the little that allows one to personalize the work.
I didn´t pretend to initiate a critique towards Lumion's foundations, but it is that inside the program all the works look alike greatly when it is an architecture what is appearing.
I am grateful for the facility of use and the clear interface, but something wanted to do of more own Lumion, more customized.
I wait for someone serve him.
Regards. Nicolás


Cuelgo estas capturas de pantalla, porque son varios los que me han pedido que comentara los Render Settings, la verdad es que nunca fue un secreto, ni tampoco creo que tenga mayor mérito, ni que fueran las Render Settings del renderizado Vray, esto es tan poco, que siempre mi queja ha sido que por priorizar la claridad de interfaz, el resultante es lo poco que a uno le permite personalizar el trabajo.
No pretendia iniciar una crítica hacia los fundamentos de Lumion, pero es que dentro del programa todos los trabajos se parecen mucho cuando es arquitectura lo que se está mostrando.
Agradezco la facilidad de uso y la interfaz clara, pero quisiera hacer de Lumion algo más propio, más customizable.
Espero a alguien le sirva.
Saludos. Nicolás
Title: Re: Render Settings of Some Projects
Post by: RAD on September 15, 2011, 09:28:40 am
Customize in PShop or Premiere?