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Title: [Answered] Oculus DK2
Post by: BABYMETAL on July 27, 2017, 05:46:34 am
Can I use Oculus DK 2 with LUMION?
Although Rift and Gear are written, information of DK 2 can not be found. >:(
My Lumion or 360 degree VR with head mounted display
I want to play. :)
Title: Re: Oculus DK2
Post by: peterm on July 27, 2017, 06:34:37 am

What version of Lumion are you using?

The Oculus  'DK2' version of the Oculus Rift headset (i.e. the so-called development kit version) was replaced by newer consumer versions from Spring 2016 onwards. We recommend using the latest version to get the best possible VR experience.

That said, it is possible that the DK2 is still able to play rendered stills from Lumion for versions v6.3 up to the current v7.5.  However, we no longer support using the DK2.

Heres some information from our release notes:




  • Oculus Rift support: New "Generate VR Panorama" function for creating static 360 degree immersive panoramas
    • Requirements: Oculus “Development Kit 2” (DK2) headset with Oculus SDK Beta ( (or newer).
  • Samsung GearVR support: New "Generate VR Panorama" function for creating static 360 degree immersive panoramas.
    • Requirements: GearVR “Second Innovator Edition” or “Consumer Edition” headset.
    • The “Consumer Edition” headset is compatible with Galaxy S7 | S7 edge (, Note5 (, S6 ( and S6 edge (
    • Click here ( to see how to transfer GearVR renderings from Lumion to your Samsung phone.
  • New LumionVR application for viewing static 360 degree panoramas on Oculus Rift DK2 headsets.
  • It is now possible to assign certain Movie effects to MyLumion and VR panoramas.




  • New equirectangular panoramic output format for use in 3rd party panorama generator software.
  • It is now possible to re-order each of the Locations by drag and drop.
  • Copy and paste of a Location is now available in the Context menu for each Location.

  • Create Panorama Viewpoints ( (01:03)
  • Rearranging Panorama Viewpoints ( (00:43)
  • Applying Effects To Panorama Viewpoints ( (01:16)
  • Render And Upload MyLumion ( (01:29)
  • Manage MyLumion online ( (00:46)
  • Render For Gear VR and Oculus Rift ( (00:55)
  • Render For Other VR Devices ( (00:58)
  • Advanced Settings VR Panorama ( (00:57)
  • How To View On Oculus Rift ( (02:09)


360 Panoramas via MyLumion are playable as anytime, anywhere, any device, and are not used with VR and headsets.

For VR with headsets, there is the VR (still image) formats for GearVR and Oculus, and also generic format for other phones via Google Cardboard etc that support the equirectangular image format.