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Title: How to Improve Human interaction in Lumion ?
Post by: cgkuake on December 07, 2010, 11:50:22 pm


I am new to Lumion and I really like its simplicity and good quality.

Just have some small questions:


1) Is Lumion a simplified version of Quest 3d?

2) Is it possible to put an user interface in front of the scene, so viewer can interact and customise product or scene base on their preference (similar to production visualisation projects such as cars created by quest3d)

3) I noticed that Lumion can output rendered images and animation. How to create an stand alone fly-through interaction application.

    I tried samples made by quest 3d before. User can totally control their movements in a standalone windows based application with .exe format.

4) Is it possible to trigger some animations when viewer walks around in the space. Such as window qill open when player click on the handle. 

5) Microsoft Ship Simulator is made by quest 3d. Player can walk around on ships. How to archive this in Lumion?


Thanks in advance.




Title: How to Improve Human interaction in Lumion ?
Post by: Remko on December 08, 2010, 01:08:59 am
1) No. It's a tool for making movies and images and you can use it in 'theatre mode' to do flytroughs. Quest3D is a development system for 3D applictions. The main factor of Quest3D is that it allows you to program applications by linking blocks in a graph instead of writing program code.

2) Nope. See 1.

3) Not possible. The output is a movie or image. See 1...

4) Nope.. see 1...

5) You can't. We deliberately excluded collision detection from Lumion in version 1. Maybe later but we decided you don't need it for movies and it's nice if you can just fly trough walls. It can save you a lot of walking.


We are experimenting with Lumion exe output at the moment but no official statements on this yet. We don't even know if this will be a Lumion feature or part of an enhanced version of Lumion which would be designed for exacly the things you describe.
Title: How to Improve Human interaction in Lumion ?
Post by: cgkuake on December 09, 2010, 07:41:49 am
Thank you very much for your feedback.

I really appreciate your effort in lumion.


1) Where is the button for 'theatre mode' in Lumion?

2) Is it possible to change the shaders and materials (texturemaps) of the .DAE model I imported in lumion?

3) I was amazed by the effects and interaction design from projects people sent for QUEST3D design competiton in the past few years.

    I also saw some screen shots for QUEST 3D , they look complicated.  Is using Quest 3d difficult? Do I need a lot of coding experience?


Thank you !



Title: How to Improve Human interaction in Lumion ?
Post by: Ferry on December 09, 2010, 09:40:37 am
Theatre mode is the small play button.


You can assign new Lumion mateials on your model.


yes using Quest3D is really difficult. However if you can use it you can build Lumion since we build Lumion inside Quest3D.