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Title: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: peterm on April 07, 2014, 11:38:49 pm
on behalf of a user:

The software has run dreadfully slow the past few days and tells me it is "not responding" constantly, requiring that I x out of the software to unfreeze it.

The file that keeps freezing has a .3ds imported file. and a small revit file as well. The .3ds file seems to be the issue. However, the file is under 50 MB so I am confused as to why the software is running so slowly. 

Could this be due to poor internet connect? or is there a greater problem here?
Title: Re: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: peterm on April 08, 2014, 12:48:31 am
A few  :-D questions to go through:
1.  What are your PC specs?  Especially your GPU make, model and amount of VRAM.

2.  What is the 3D Point count (stats top right corner of screen)?
3.  What is the 3D Point count after pressing the F1 key?  (reminder to press F4 to return to full screen editor quality)
4.  What FPS do you get with just an empty template scene loaded, and then with the scene using the 3DS model loaded?

3DS files can cause issues even though the data gets converted on import.  The 3DS format is prone to a range of issues which is why we generally use newer formats.  A 50MB 3DS file is actually a very large mesh file. 

5.  From what software does the 3DS file come from?  Are there options to use another format?

Can you provide us with the source 3DS file including the textures associated with the 3DS file, and also export your Lumion scene to LS3:  zip and -> peterm [at] and morten [at]

It's likely to be something with the imported model. Lumion only needs to be on the internet to check the license at start and release it at close down.
Title: Re: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: aseefeld on April 17, 2014, 03:34:59 am
1.   Basic PC specs
8GB DDR3 1600MHZ

As for your other questions...there are no units shown in the top corner so I'm not sure what to tell you there.  Please see the attached image as reference....The file only becomes slow once I click edit materials. If I am editing the materials on the revit file which is imported next to it..there are no issues. 

Title: Re: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: aseefeld on April 17, 2014, 07:09:28 am
I have tried 3 times without success to export the file...The program says "not responding"
Title: Re: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: peterm on April 17, 2014, 10:30:34 am
The model is causing too many issues, please see my reply now, just completing for you.
Title: Re: Lumion Not Responding Well - 3DS Files
Post by: peterm on April 17, 2014, 10:34:27 am

File received.

I see you are using v3.0.2, that is an early version 3 and there is a more recent v3.2.1.  Can you please arrange to upgrade your version 3.  If you are unable to locate the email showing the download link and instructions, just email the office for a copy (info [at], quoting your license number and educational organisation details.

I tried importing the 3DS initially with Lumion but gave up after an hour or so.  It must have taken a long time for your model to finally import, any idea how long?

The problem is that the 3DS file has 23000 separate materials, and Lumion is not able to do things in real-time with that many individual materials.  The polygon count is about 1.2M which is fine for Lumion.  This is a 3DS format and export from modelling application issue.

You will need to reduce the number of materials in order to get better performance on screen, and for rendering and assignment of materials.

Reducing the number of materials is best done in the application that did the model and export.  All selective faces need to be assigned materials, which otherwise can end up with separate materials when exported as 3DS.  If there is an alternative export format than 3DS, then that would be preferred.

What modelling application did the model come from?

If it can't be done in the modeller then there are a few 3D tools around that may help to fix it.

I used an old version of Right Hemispheres Deep Explorer to remove duplicate materials so all surfaces are combined, and it was able to reduce to 5 materials.  I'll also check about this with our import/export developer.  This model was then able to import in about 10 minutes, and runs fine on my lesser GTX660.

You are unlikely to have Deep, so depending on your access to the source model and export options, we can later see what other 3D conversion tools are around that might help.  I have tried SketchUp - imported model but because too many materials would not draw on screen so had to force close.  iClone 3DExchange almost loaded but froze.  Best bet would be Max.  Preferably, as mentioned above, prepare the model in the source modelling application.