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Title: Lumion3D Roadmap?
Post by: Michael Betke on July 06, 2011, 10:16:01 am
Is there some kind of a roadmap for further releases? I can imagine some stuff like features is a secret but I'm more interested in the licensing terms.

At the moment there is a Build 3 Beta which will get final in some weeks I guess.
What then? I know for end of the year you plan Lumion 2 with new features/plugins. What can I exspect for Lumion 1 until the new release? I could imagine part of the team already switched to Lumion2 development and no more updates will be released.

What if I buy now some more plugins or even Ultimate and upgrade later to Lumion 2? Will it still be a Lumion2 Ultimate or do I need to buy all the plugins from a start?
I try to estimate what I will get for my money in the future. It wont make much sense to buy now plugins if I only can use them six months until a much more improved version comes out and I would get a competition loss if I use Lumion 1 any further.

Title: Re: Lumion3D Roadmap?
Post by: Gaieus on July 06, 2011, 10:26:43 am
What I have gathered from the forums, if you upgrade to Ultimate NOW, you will not need to purchase the plugins again when version 2 comes out although you will need to upgrade and purchase the upgrade fee in order to be able to receive the updates in the plugin packs.
As for now and according to the plans, the upgrade fee for Ultimate will be higher than that of the Basic package however.

If I can find the topic, I will link here (otherwise please, any Lumion Staff member correct me if I am wrong).
Title: Re: Lumion3D Roadmap?
Post by: Morten on July 06, 2011, 10:44:54 am
Both the existing and future plugin Packs will continually be updated with new features/assets.

If you upgrade Lumion Ultimate at the end of each year, you'll get the updated plugin Packs for free. The cost will be 1/3 of the full price of Lumion Ultimate. If you have Lumion Basic plus some plugins, the upgrade fee will be 1/3 of Lumion Basic + 1/3 of the full price of the plugins you have. We are obviously also going to include improvements and new features in Lumion 2 to make it worth the investment.

What remains to be discussed is what the upgrade fee from lumion 1 Basic to Lumion 2 Ultimate is going to be (I'm guessing this will depend on how many plugin Packs you already own) - stay tuned for more information on this.

And lastly, for those of you who have got time to spare and who are on tight budgets, bear in mind that we will introduce several ways that you can earn credits for upgrades in the future - hopefully this will make the switch to Lumion 2 more affordable.
Title: Re: Lumion3D Roadmap?
Post by: Michael Betke on July 06, 2011, 10:50:27 am
Thanks for the informations. I have a better base for estimation now and what to exspect.
My fear was that Lumion will turn into something like Autodesk update policies are.
Title: Re: Lumion3D Roadmap?
Post by: Remko on July 06, 2011, 04:01:38 pm
An automated upgrade price will be calculated based on the plug-ins you already have. Essentially it will be around 1/3 of the new price.

So if you have Lumion Ultimate you just pay 1/3 of Lumion Ultimate. If you have basic you just pay 1/3 of basic plus 1/3 of the plugins you have.