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Title: Error: can't open SKP file
Post by: Murf524 on October 03, 2016, 03:40:11 pm
I have downloaded the trial version of Lumion and keep receiving the following error:
"Error while importing model: Please request support in the Import and Export Advice section of the Lumion forum:


Error: can't open SKP file

I cannot import any models. I created a test model with just a cube an even it will not import.

I'd appreciate some assistance.

Thank you,
Title: Re: Error: can't open SKP file
Post by: Morten on October 03, 2016, 04:35:28 pm
Hi Murf524, welcome to the Lumion forum. :)

Lumion Demo 5.3 is about 1 3/4 years old by now and quite limited. SKP files from SketchUp 2016 are not supported as that version was released after Lumion Demo 5.3 was made available.

As a better alternative, I would recommend that you click here ( and follow the instructions to get the fully functional 7-day Trial version of Lumion Pro 6.5.1. This version includes everything that is available in the commercial version, and supports all the latest CAD software such as Revit 2017, SketchUp 2016 etc. Support for ArchiCAD 20 is currently under development.

To ensure a smooth evaluation period, please also make sure that your PC meets or exceeds the minimum system requirements (, and that the latest graphics card drivers and all Windows updates have been installed (even optional ones). Otherwise Lumion Pro 6.5.1 will not work.

Once you've installed the Trial version, please try to import the SKP file again. If you encounter any problems I'm confident that we (or our dedicated import/export developer) can help you resolve the issues.