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Title: [Resolved] Where do I download teh software from!!!???
Post by: Eric on September 27, 2016, 05:25:38 pm
We already have a license, but it has been a while since anyone actually used the software. Now we would like to update our installation, but there's no way that we can find to actually download the $*%&# software. Why are you hiding it?
Title: Re: Where do I download teh software from!!!???
Post by: Morten on September 27, 2016, 05:57:02 pm
Hi Eric, welcome to the forum! :)

It's not to annoy you that the download link isn't publicly available; in order to protect Lumion from software piracy, we only offer a public download link to the Lumion Demo version.

Since you're a user with a commercial license, the link to the Lumion Download Manager should be available in the latest update email from us. The email subject title you should look for is 'UPDATE: Download Lumion (Version number)', and the email was sent to the email address that was used when you purchased your Lumion license. Please note that updates are not actually patches but rather full installations, so you do not really need to keep the existing Lumion installation once you have downloaded and installed the latest version.

I don't know which version you're currently using, and you've accidentally posted your question in the section for Lumion Demo and Trial users, so we'd be grateful if you could please click here ( and follow the instructions in step #2 to register your license.

This ensures that you get access to the much bigger forum where we provide technical support for commercial users.

Please note that the forum section for Lumion Demo and Trial users will no longer be visible to you once you've registered your license, so just let us know when you're done registering your license in a new post in the 'License & Installation Questions' section.