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Title: ANYONE now how to remove water from a vessel
Post by: jack79 on November 28, 2013, 12:46:37 am
I am very new to lumion and am amazed at what it can do, the one question I have is this
I have made a submarine in SU, imported it into lumion as a DAE file. Now underwater i cant seem to figure out how to get the water out of the submarine so it doesnt look like a sunken old submarine filled with water. Trying to create a render for a client from inside the high tech sub, showing all the gadgets, and the water outside the glass. Surely there must be some work around for this. Love to hear if anyone knows how to overcome this
Much appreciated
Title: Re: ANYONE now how to remove water from a vessel
Post by: peterm on November 28, 2013, 05:41:36 am

The Ocean does not get clipped by any other object/surface, so that means it is not possible to have space under the ocean that is not under water.

That is not to say it might not be possible to produce scenes that are submarine based. It gets complicated to construct and may not work 100%, but there are options to use Lumion features such as:

1.  Turn of Ocean when not needed.
2.  Use the Underwater Effect.
3.  Use the Water Plane(s) outside when camera is looking out of the submarine to emulate (in part) what the Ocean does for rendering beneath the waters surface.
4.  Use the Water Material on glass surfaces to give some effect to also looking through to watery solid areas.
5.  Use of special views from the camera so only internal shot are done that do not combine with views through the ports to underwater.