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Title: Save & Load Material Sets
Post by: mbronsart on October 01, 2013, 09:29:17 pm
I am trying to save a material set and load it into a different object in the same model.  For some reason not all the materials are being saved and/or loaded into the other model.  My material names (from Revit) in the models are the same.  I have to do the copy / paste of each material, but that only works if I used the "custom" material.  I am not give the option to copy a standard Lumion material that I changed (color, scale, etc.) or a painted material.  I am running Lumion Pro.  Any suggestions?

Title: Re: Save & Load Material Sets
Post by: peterm on October 02, 2013, 05:07:46 am
Hi mbronsart

Just checking first; when you say different object in same model - this is a separately imported object in Lumion, so it has it's own object icon and you can edit it's own materials?

The Material Set should include all materials and settings.  It's a little hard to know why some are not loading without seeing the Lumion file.

When you do load the Material Set what does it show on screen before you click on the Tick button?

What version of Lumion Pro are you running?  I do not recall offhand any specific bugs in this area.  As you have Pro, are can oyu Export the scene to an LS3 file, zip it and -> peterm [at], thanks.

Title: Re: Save & Load Material Sets
Post by: jimmy3d on November 01, 2013, 09:38:20 pm
I am having a problem with the custom material sets. I'm importing several models that use the same textures and then create "standardized" custom material setting in Lumion and save it as a *.Lmf material. 

It all works very well and all of the models can utilize the same settings of the material...

* except the models don't seem to remember.. or lose the link to these custom materials when I switch to a different scene and back... or when I transfer my files to another computer... or when I shut Lumion down and then re-open the very same scene.  |:(

Am I missing something ???

Title: Re: Save & Load Material Sets
Post by: peterm on November 02, 2013, 12:03:50 am
Please see reply other topic post: (

link amended: Lumion Material sets need to be assigned everytime? (