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Title: no water effects
Post by: hoimyr3d on October 01, 2013, 02:35:37 pm

I need to create an underwater enviroment without the hard caustics and the brutal refractions. Is there any tricks to remove or reduce them? It works for a swimmingpool but not an ocean. :-\
For deep waters there should be no caustics at all. For later versions i wish we could turn them off some how or that the engine does it automatic. Thanks.

Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: peterm on October 02, 2013, 01:20:08 am
Hi hoimyr3d

The Ocean is designed with a number of fixed design features for rapid common useage.

Which version are you using to work with the Ocean feature?

What other features in Ocean do you need that are not in the Water Plane that it can't be used for what you want?
Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: hoimyr3d on October 03, 2013, 09:57:27 pm
Hi peterm

Thanks for your reply.
I use the latest free version.

The waterplane is good. But I was trying to see if we could use this for subsea/ deepwater projects. After playing a lot I found two ways. The under water effect has the depth-fog right but has to much caustics(wavy light pattern) and as I wrote the refraction effect is to strong. The other way could be to tint the light/sun/colors and make fog. But I didn't figgure out how to get depth-fog just fog coming from the ground and up.
If we could have one more type of fog or a new "deep water effect" without the caustics I will be very happy. And we most likely will buy a license of this great engine. Thanks
Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: peterm on October 04, 2013, 04:35:18 am
Thanks for the feedback.

The Fog is a distance based effect rather than from ground up.  However you might find the use of adding in some Fog Effects from the Lumion Library --> Effects --> Fog of use.

For the Ocean, if you go deeper you should notice less impact form the caustics, see my attached screencaps (not checked out water)

Note there is also a Water Material so it can be applied to any mesh, this is only for one sided view for more common architectural situations but can be very useful.

In the movie and photo editors there are effects that in combination might work for your type of scenes with some more experimentation and play:
1.  Underwater Effect
2.  Fog Effect
3.  Volume Clouds

and then adding in some of the other Camera, Style and Artistic Effects.

Changing the amount of sunlight of course will help with lighting, and maybe even using some Fill Lights form the Lumion Library --> Lights and Special Objects.

Edit 5/10/2013: note on possible limitation:
Lumion uses an editable terrain of 2048mx2048m.  Within this area its possible to push the terrain down or mix that with raising the ocean height and lowering the terrain to get more depth.

World size in Lumion is 42km radius, however outside the 2km editable terrain, the world is 'flat' and non-editable.
Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: peterm on October 04, 2013, 05:48:59 am
Discovery of the lost A161.
Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: hoimyr3d on October 07, 2013, 07:23:33 pm
Hi peterm,

So easy solution :) Thanks so much. It works great!

Your examples with fog looks cool. This i must try more. :)
Thank you!
Title: No water inside cabin
Post by: jack79 on November 28, 2013, 12:45:27 am
I am very new to lumion and am amazed at what it can do, the one question I have is this
I have made a submarine in SU, imported it into lumion as a DAE file. Now underwater i cant seem to figure out how to get the water out of the submarine so it doesnt look like a sunken old submarine filled with water. Trying to create a render for a client from inside the high tech sub, showing all the gadgets, and the water outside the glass. Surely there must be some work around for this. Love to hear if anyone knows how to overcome this
Much appreciated
Title: Re: no water effects
Post by: peterm on November 28, 2013, 05:40:33 am
Please see your other topic post ANYONE now how to remove water from a vessel (