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Title: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: Francan on October 15, 2015, 11:19:27 pm
The competition is open. May the best win
Title: Re: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: tildee on October 16, 2015, 12:59:38 am
I especially like 1:50. This mass painting is brilliant. First you paint on the terrain, then you can select
which items you want - then it is distributed. That's not so good in Lumion, I think.
Also the photogrametry with pointcloud is very impressive.
And at the very beginning they have shutter glasses on their noses -  which means 3D.

But the people (in Twinmotion) are really ugly.
Title: Re: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: Francan on October 16, 2015, 10:13:22 am
Small test conducted by "El Estudio Azul"

TM3 vs LUMION 5 vs LUMENRT 5.5

This test is very revealing. What do you think ?

For me Lumion gets the best quality of 3  :D
Title: Re: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: tildee on October 16, 2015, 10:44:51 am
Lumion is in my opinion better in case of reflections in the windows, which gives much more depth. Also I prefer the people of Lumion and especially the clouds.
Over 4 hours of rendering would be a great downside in comparison to 30/40 minutes...

The question is always how good does the artist know all three programs.
Title: Re: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: sam-rd on October 16, 2015, 11:34:28 am
Looks like Lumion is better for the rendering, but what about the other options ? The Twinmotion 2016 Demoreel is really interesting : google earth capture, phasing, viewer and point cloud. I don't know about their libraries but it could be a powerfull tool along with Lumion.

Oh but wait... Lumion 6 is coming  :-P
Title: Re: Twinmotion 2016
Post by: Robert A. Christman on October 21, 2015, 08:18:52 pm
The best thing about Twin Motion is that it exists and hopefully adds some impetus to the development of Lumion.

I feel the same way about Unreal Engine, which is amazing, but seems to be an impossible workflow for normal joes like us in the architectural business bangin out project after project very quickly.

I have not tried TM since its very first version, which didnt work for me at all, but it seems like Lumion continues to widen the gap. TM has some cool features though that hopefully keep the Lumion team exploring similar and better ways of doing things.

I remember waiting for the very first issue of Lumion to come out and looking at Twin Motion around the same time. im not sure but i think TM may have come out a little before? I wanted to like TM but could never get it to work properly. My colleague and i (Brian Hengelsberg) then took the very first version of Lumion and used it on a project, The New Penn Hills High School, which was very big for our firm we worked for at the time.

We learned the program quickly and produced very long videos that were unprecedented at that point in our area for our type of firm.  I think Brian was doing most or all of the Lumion work at the time while i was modeling and he, 1 person, was able to take a brand new program and quickly produce our firms very first real animations. They blew people away! It was groundbreaking for us as a small firm and most of the firms in Pittsburgh at the time doing our kind of work and we got a ton of mileage out of it.

I mention this because Lumion has worked, out of the box, from the very, very beginning and greatly expanded our in-house capabilities to showcase design concepts. Twin Motion couldnt cut it and i believe it still cant stand up to Lumions quality.

the original posts from 2011 (i think): ( (

As architects and designers, i truly believe that we would not be exactly where we are now if it wasnt for the advent of Lumion. I believe it has transformed our careers and ultimately transformed the industry. I sincerley hope it continues to do so.