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Title: Mesh/Net/Fence/Cutout material
Post by: AdmiralDV on September 20, 2013, 09:36:42 am
Been looking for a way to get a mesh/fence material, so with a couple of searches on the forum, managed to find out that its to do with Alpha Channels or some thing like that.

I am doing my modeling in Revit and applying materials accordingly as I model, but some times also want to apply new material in Lumion, for mesh/fence.

So I've got the image map and also the cut out (attached) in Revit if I apply both the image and 'cut out it renders fine but after export, and in Lumion (Standard material applied) with reflection/clip slider no cutout?

Is is necessary to ad another alpha channel? How to pleas (Using CoralDraw) OR
How to apply the material directly in Lumion.

Title: Re: Mesh/Net/Fence/Cutout material
Post by: peterm on September 20, 2013, 10:49:44 am

Revit uses the cut-out - selects that black pixels to create and apply a transparency on those pixels.

In Lumion it is not possible to use additional cut-out images to apply to the main image.

What you do is in CorelDraw or other image editor is the same thing.  Use the cut-out as a mask.  Select the black pixels to create an alpha/transparency.  When saved in a format that supports transparency such as PNG (24+8bit for transparency), TGA (32 bit) or TIFF, then Lumion will automatically apply the alpha when the Reflection/Clip/Brightness setting is applied.  The setting to Clip needs to be any value >0.5 and <1.0.

I don't have CorelDraw on board, but so so long as you can select the black pixels to create a mask you should be able to work through the rest.  So:

1. in an image editor - using a selection tool or Select Pixels/Colour Range menu, select the required colour or pixels
2. save the mask
3. create an alpha channel from the mask
4. saveAs PNG with transparency
5.  add image and setting to Clip.

Note some image editors require you to select the pixels, invert the selection, copy the selection, paste to a new image with a transparent background, then save.

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